Students Say…

Chelseas' Story

Hello my name is Chelsea and I have been coming to 5 Senses for 3 months, I really like coming to 5 Senses because I love the cooking session, Laura finds us lots of different recipes and we get to try everything we make.”


Karlis' Story

“Hi my name is Karli. I have been coming to 5 Senses for just over 5 years. I really enjoy my time here. I have made lots of friends. I like taking part in all of the sessions, but most of all I enjoy singing.”

“Hi my name is Kerry and I am Karli’s PA. Since I have been coming with Karli I have seen how much she likes it at 5 Senses. Everyone is really friendly and helpful.”


Rachels' Story

“I like going to 5 Senses with Joanne in her car and we play a CD called Frozen on the way to 5 Senses.

I like Caroline’s cooking session and I like doing art with Abbe on Thursday morning. I like going to Hornsea with Annabel and Laura on the bus and we play something called 70’s but I can’t remember but Annabel will tell me and my favourite soap is Coronation Street with the Windasse’s family and please everyone please call me Faye Windass from Corrie from now on thank you.”


Nicks' Story

“When I come to 5 Senses I always get a good laugh seeing all my good friends, doing my art projects to improve my skills. When we go swimming I always enjoy splashing everyone.

I always enjoy creating art work about my favourite characters.

One day we went to Tea and Bisquit pottery in Willerby where we made either a cup, plate or a bowl, we also got to decorate them.”


Louises' Story

“Hello my name is Louise and I have been attending 5 Senses for 10 months, I really enjoy coming to 5 Senses I have made lots of new friends. My favourite session is art. I have made a purple and pink Kitty Kat hat for my graduation day.

I also enjoy performance where I dance with my friends. We work hard but have lots of fun and laughter.”


Samanthas' Story

“I like being in the group, I like dancing with all, I like doing art work, we do painting as well. I have a good time with all as well. I can do painting all day. We are all good friends. I am looking forward to the Freedom Centre (5 Senses 10 Year Anniversary).”