Parent’s say…

Kim - Mother of a Student

We feel 5 Senses is providing a valuable service to vulnerable adults. When our daughter, Rachel reached 20 years of age we struggled to find any courses at college or any kind of education that could provide long term coaching for her. This is very important for vulnerable people as they need security and structure in their lives and don’t take well to change.

Our experience of 5 Senses is very good, visiting the centre we see happy smiley faces from clients, staff and visitors. The atmosphere is great, students are encouraged to mix and take part in all activities. Our daughter has really benefited since attending 5 Senses, she can’t wait to get up in a morning to get there. She is far more outgoing. She loves meeting new clients and carers. The differences we have seen in Rachel is that she has become more confident and content. She does not like changes and 5 senses provide her with a good routine. She constantly talks about her friends and what she’s been doing at 5 senses.

In her words she “Loves 5 Senses”


Linda - Mother of a Student

5 Senses charity gives me freedom meaning I can work. Tom is very happy at 5 Senses, he was not happy at the last place he was at. Toms is very happy and tired when he arrives home.

I don’t know much about the charity side. I know you raise money to keep going and you are a very helpful service.

While Tom is at 5 Senses he is around his friends, he can mix with people and gets to go out and do things. This enables me to be a better mum as I get time away from Tom and he likes having time away from me. I have seen improvements with Tom but he is generally a slow learner but he does sit more and eats well. I like that he gets out and about.


Michelle - Mother of a Student

The 5 Senses is a worth while charity, with friendly staff that always put client’s needs before anyone else’s. My son does not self-harm as much as he is always too busy doing activities. My son really benefits from the 1-1 support that he is given. It is a great charity.


Mrs Castleman – Mother of a Student

5 Senses is a brilliant place, my daughter loves going to 5 Senses and enjoys the activities. She has come out of her shell a lot more and she is always talking about the charity. She loves the staff and they all treat her well.

Mrs Castleman

Heather - A Students Aunty

The 5 Senses do a very good job. I have recommended you to a few parents of our children’s service. And I have recommended you to friends. I like the approach that you provide for vulnerable adults. And I like how you keep me informed of things.
My nephew is confident, he goes out in the community a lot more than I could get him out. 5 Senses gives him self-worth, something to look forward to and it gives him a purpose. His behaviour is much better and he looks forward to coming. If he did not come to 5 senses we would not have a communication route because he’d be stuck at home.