Sensory Areas

Hammock Room

Ever dreamt of relaxing in a hammock on a desert island?

Our students are able to try one a bit closer to home!

They can relax in our coco cabana room, complete with a choice of 3 swings, seascape murals and water effect floor.

This is the perfect environment for our students who respond best to movement based activities.

Tactile Sensory Room

Students are able to take a tactile journey through our sensory room and explore the ever changing environment from a starlit night to the awe inspiring UV experience.

They can transport themselves into this ever changing space which can relax, excite and stimulate their senses, allowing their imagination to run wild.

Sensor Floor Area

For our students who prefer a more stimulating environment which can challenge both the mind and body, we are able to offer our state of the art sensor floor.

Our students are able to chase and pop balloons, watch fish swim over and around themselves, and play team quizzes with their friends.

The sensor floor can be adapted to suit the preferences of all individuals and all stages of learning.

For students where mobility is not their strong point, the sensor floor area also offers students the opportunity to interact with our specially designed sound and touch activated infinity tube and interactive light ladder.